@Progressive – Glenn Renwick – Hi Tricia my name is Doug I am contacting you as I am having an

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Hi Tricia my name is Doug I am contacting you as I am having an issue with one of your employees Robert Fratus he works in you auto claims department and the reason for my email is very un professional, I know your company sends all your new hires to school and several hours and days of training and I have dealt with several of your employees and never had an issue, i was going to contact his supervisor but sometimes it doesn't get the word across. A little about myself I started working in the rental industry cleaning vehicles and renting cars and trucks and then I have worked for a Cadillac body shop starting as an appraiser then got promoted to manager in 6 months then worked there for 7 years after that i was approached by a supervisor at Nationwide Insurance company I got hired to be an appraiser and then moved up to supervisor I worked for them for about 10 and a half years I also worked for my self as an independent appraiser and also worked for a couple of other independent appraisal companies. I have had progressive appraisers at my shop before and never had any issues through Covid19 I have worked directly with an appraiser and everything was handled very professionally as I did all the appraisals on the progressive vehicles and a progressive appraiser reviewed. well as the state is trying to get back to normal and places are opening back up I had a couple random appraiser from progressive come here to inspect my vehicles and everything i loved about progressive went down the drained after dealing with this one appraiser Robert Fratus, I will not allow him on my property ever again and progressive will need to send someone else to handle the vehicle, i wish I has my normal progressive employee handling my vehicles but as for Covid19 she cant come back yet, there was another appraiser that came here that I would like to come back if possible but not sure if he can handle this area, I would just like us to worked together and not have to deal with any problems sorry for bothering you I know you have bigger things to deal with but I just needed to vent and explain myself please advise if there is something that could be done about this, thank you very much

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