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Margie Eades sent a message to Glenn Renwick that said:

Mr. Renwick I have a major here , I never thought I would be writing to a CEO over a major company , but I have no other choice. I was involved in an accident with an eighteen wheeler truck and trailer on
8-13-18 in Texarkana, Texas. It was a hit and run accident by this truck that belongs to PAM Transport out of Arkansas . My car was totaled. I was extremely impressed with Progressive Inc
Everything was going well until I received a phone call from one of your claims agent Joshua. Horn . He told me he had a $1500 check for me , I asked him what for he said because I want to give it to you. Then he muttered he needed my signature. When I went by his office in Texarkana a lady was at the office window. She had an envelope with the check and some papers, I asked her what I was signing , she stated it was for them to obtain my medical records. I was hospitalized twice after the accident.
When I got into the rental car my son was driving me in I opened the envelope as he was driving. I began sobbing with grief that an insurance agent would double talk and deceived me I couldn't walk into the bank I was so shaken. The letter he had written up was a final agreement payment for injuries not to obtain my medical records at all ., does bodily injury consist of physical injury only ? I have PTSD now from the accident and the deceiving part Joshua Horn caused to me , sir I'm not making any of this up . How could someone you trusted do this to me . I get extremely emotional just thinking about it. I can't even talk about it without breaking down wherever I may be . Joshua did the most unethical thing when he betrayed me . He has my medical records release forms I signed , that Chantel Davis is looking for .
Thank you
Margie Eades
How many Joshua Horns out there that has done this to others like myself?
I'm sure they won't let you read this , but if you have the benefit of reading this please sir call me or email me that you did . I have to believe you will not allow this .

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