@Progressive – Glenn Renwick – On 2/8 and 2/26 i spoke with someone about a policy increase and asked on

Dominique Stepney sent a message to Glenn Renwick that said:

On 2/8 and 2/26 i spoke with someone about a policy increase and asked on both occasions about a missing scheduled payment for April. In March the wrong account was charged and when we caught it I had to have it refunded and charged to the correct account. AGain on this account I questioned Aprils payment. I started getting notifications that I had $5.00 overdue so I paid it. Then I receive notices that I missed April when there was no payment due. I log into the app a few times a week so I know this hasn't changed. I logged in today to move my due date 1 day because I get paid on Friday and I don't want account overcharged and I see I now owe $553. I call and I question it. First person says I did not pay for March. Yeah the other account was refunded and I made the payment the same day March 27th. Again questioned April payment same answer no one shows a payment due for April. The next person says oh you didn't have to pay April be cause of the Covid crisis. Sir this began in February before thet crisis ook over the US. Well you still don't get a free month. Who said it was free you messed up I questioned this many times. I don't owe for April. Sir you need to check the recordings because I have questioned this and was told no payment was due in April. I don't need to check recordings because I know what i'm talking about. So here is where we stand in 5 months I have nothing but problems with Progessive. During my research I have discovered that it is a common practice for you all to prey on Veterans with a fixed income. I am not only leaving progressive but I am also going to formally file a FOIA request for those recordings. I have already contacted a VA legal aid attorney who has agreed to help me. If this is withdrawn from my acct I am following a complaint with the bank for fraud. I am also working on my complaint with the Maryland States Attorneys Office the Insurance commission and IRDA. Initially I would have accepted doing three payments in May so I didnt over extend anything and risk not being able to feed my children. But now I think I should just turn over the correspondence along with all the others who have been taken by Progressive to the media. There is a surprising amount of people. I just typed in prograssive and saw how you al have been fined twice that I see off the top for doing this. I truly wpould have been content just splitting the $553 in half . To be 5/8 and 5/22 and June would have been right line on 6/5 to finish the policy and you guys couldn't even say I apologize for the error but here is what we can do.

Thank you for making an already tense and uncertain time in the country and adding on to it.

Dominique Stepney

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