@PSEGNews – Ralph Izzo – Hello Mr. Izzo….I just logged into my PSEG account to pay my monthly bill

Daniel C. sent a message to Ralph Izzo that said:

Hello Mr. Izzo....I just logged into my PSEG account to pay my monthly bill & was shocked to see that my usage for the past month is listed as more than double the same period last year! (652 kWh vs. 1456 kWh) I do not do the budgeting plan; I pay for monthly usage. Mr. Izzo, there is no way possible that my usage is higher this year than last and quite the contrary, it should be a lot lower. There is no change whatsoever in the activity in my house (only my wife and I), as we are both retired for years and are home all the time. The pandemic has basically not changed our lives as far as using our electricity and in fact, BECAUSE we are now watching our pennies even more, we have been very, very cognizant of turning off all lights, tvs, etc. as much as possible, now more than ever. I could possibly accept that our usage might be the same as this time last year, but it is impossible to believe it has more than doubled. Could you please tell me what is happening with our bills? I have heard all of my fellow Long Islanders screaming about the same thing happening to them, but they get no answers whatsoever when they call our local PSEG. And most people are saying they are treated extremely rudely by all of the people they talk to. Instead of joining the crowd and getting no answer, I thought I would try to contact you, to see if you can explain why all of our usage numbers are now at this astronomical level. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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