@PSEGNews – Ralph Izzo – I have been a member of worry free since 2003 and from the e-mail below

Gail Hawthorne sent a message to Ralph Izzo that said:

I have been a member of worry free since 2003 and from the e-mail below, I have interacted with you in 2015.
I was having a noise from my refrigerator and I called Warry Free on December 18th at 5:40pm and spoke with JAY who told me that there was no one to give me an appointment for the refrigerator issue and maybe I should call a local service or call again tomorrow Dec 19th. I told the representative that all my appliances were covered by Worry Free and why should I need to contact a local service. I hung up and tried to call PSE&G Headquarters in Newark but being closed, I called Worry Free back and spoke with Pat Ext.2161 who was extremely professional and helpful. He told me that a supervisor would be contacting me shortly. It is 6:50pm and I am still waiting for a supervisor to contact me!
I told him that the refrigerator noise has stopped but the noise issue now remains within me. I had a similar experience in 2011 and had to go the next day to purchase another refrigerator from PC Richards. I have never had such bad/poor experiences with any other appliances but the refrigerator. Does it pay to continue having my refrigerator under Worry Free Contract?

Gail Hawthorne

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