@questdx – Stephen H Rusckowski – Mr. Rusckowski, My name is Robert Ghent. My doctor ordered lab work to be drawn

Robert Ghent sent a message to Stephen H Rusckowski that said:

Mr. Rusckowski, My name is Robert Ghent. My doctor ordered lab work to be drawn. I had my blood drawn at your Fort Worth, TX. Quest lab located at 1250 8th AVE. Suite 115. Before having my labs drawn, I called the Quest billing dept. regarding pricing for all of the labs that were ordered, as I wanted to know how much my portion would be before I had the labs drawn. I was told that the representative at the lab would give me that information, and that I could decide at that time, if I wanted to have my labs drawn. Upon going to your Quest lab in Fort Worth, TX, the phlebotomist who drew my labs looked up the requested labs, and told me that there would not be any co-pay for me to pay, and that the fee for the pathologist reading my labs were included. I received a bill in the mail for a co-pay of $ 71.91. I have not yet received a statement from the pathologist who read my labs. I called your customer service number, and talked with a customer service representative and a billing service supervisor, who informed me that the phlebotomist who drew my labs, should not have told me that I would not have a co-pay. The billing supervisor did not offer any solution to this issue.
Could you please resolve this matter. My cell phone is the best way to contact me. 682-433-3103. Thanks, Robert Ghent

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