@questdx – Stephen H Rusckowski – Why doesn't anyone answer the phone at corporate headquarters at 11am on a Wed. 973-520-2700

Marcia Sternberg sent a message to Stephen H Rusckowski that said:

Why doesn't anyone answer the phone at corporate headquarters at 11am on a Wed. 973-520-2700. Why doesn't anyone answer any emails on the website. I have only sent a dozen or more since June. Why do you let the people that answer the phone for billing questions never get past the first person. I call couple of times a week and get different LIES. I caught them in the one they told me that only an insurance company could send you the EOB's. Then i would fax the EOB to quest. They would get it and make an adjustment. Then they would send me an email telling me i owe more. I would call. They would tell me (the first and only person is the person answering the phones) telling me they didn't get it and i needed to pay the bill. Then i would fax it again. They would get it and make an adjustment and quest would email me a bill. Then i would call and QUEST (not trained at all phone operators) would tell me i only pay the EOB. Then i would ask then why does Quest keep emailing me bills. Finally after crying and screamming and yelling (me) they finally gave me to a supervisor. I cried so hard when i talked to the supervisor. The simple question to him from me was: WHAT DO I PAY? WHAT QUEST SAYS OR WHAT THE EOB SAYS?? He replied, what the EOB says. So i ask why do you keep billing me? He finally said, good question. He said he would call me back. LO AND BEHOLD HE DID. He spent 3 hours on the phone with the insurance company and then he (QUEST SUPERVISOR) called me back and told me i was due a REFUND from Quest. Why why do i have to do this. i had more lab work done yesterday and unfortunately I have to use QUEST again. I can promise you that if there is a screw up this time I WILL BE CALLING A LAWYER. I got hysterical so many times with Quest and kept emailing on line. NO RESPONSE. I REALLY DON'T EXPECT A RESPONSE FROM YOU EITHER. IF YOUR PEOPLE DON'T RESPOND HOW CAN THE CEO RESPOND? Your people need more supervisor and training on the phone. I know that i talked to at least 35 of them and most of them are as ignorant as could poossibly be. AND YOU DO INDICATE THAT THE CALLS ARE MONITORED. THAT IS A BUNCH OF CRAP. IF THEY HAD BEEN MONITORED PEOPLE WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR THE LIES. wanna call me. 770-841-2289. Can i tell you that your company stinks and i don't mind telling anyone that will listen. I now know that I HAVE TO RECORD MY PHONE CALLS WHEN QUEST SCREWS UP ON THIS BILL ALSO. SUPERVISORS SOMETIMES NEED TO BE IN ON THE PROBLEMS ON THE PHONE. GET REAL

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