@questdx – Stephen Rusckowski – Dear Mr. Rusckowski, I am reaching out to you for your assistance with a billing

Robert Adler sent a message to Stephen Rusckowski that said:

Dear Mr. Rusckowski,

I am reaching out to you for your assistance with a billing nightmare that I have been trying to resolve for about six months. Specifically, I have had the same blood tests at Quest for many years without any problems. In October 2019, I went on for these routine blood tests, and when I got my EOB back from the Blue Shield, I noted that the tests for Kappa and Lambda Free light chains were not covered, as they were deemed "investigational and experimental". Of course, my first action was to contact Blue Shield, and I came to find out that the tests had been coded differently than before. Since then, I have contacted Quest Billing on various occasions and had my doctor's office talk to their Quest rep, all to no avail. To date, this has neither been fully corrected, nor have I received any reason why Quest changed the coding for these tests. I have returned to Quest since then for my monthly tests, confident that this mess would be resolved. It has not. A couple of months ago, I managed to make some headway, and got some reduction in the amount owed, but not the full amount. I was told that I would have to call each month to have Quest add some modifiers to the code (something I have never had to do).

Last month for the first time ever, I went to LabCorp for these tests. It seems that Blue Shield has covered the cost of these tests as they used to.

I would prefer to continue using Quest's services, as your testing facility is more convenient, but I cannot afford to if Quest cannot resolve the coding issue, which causes me to about owe $200 a month instead of the usual $40.00 I have been paying and having to call Quest every month so that the code modifiers are added. All this has been and is very stressful.

I appreciate your help.

Kind Regards,
Robert Adler

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