@questdx – Stephen Rusckowski – Hello Mr. Rusckowsk, my name is Barbara Lopez, I called yesterday to report a very

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Hello Mr. Rusckowsk, my name is Barbara Lopez, I called yesterday to report a very unpleasant and serous matter and no one called me back. I do not know who to reach out to, therefore, I am writing to you. I visit Quest Diagnostics at the Silver Lakes Location, which I have visit for many years but yesterday I had a horrible experience with one of the employees, her name is Shantel, first she used a large needle and it hurt so much, like never before, not only going into the skin but also during, not once did you she say sorry. Then she tells me I'm done and as I'm walking out, a lady tells me, "honey, you're full of blood", when I look, I had blood running down my arm, when I lift up my shirt, my stomach was full of blood from the shirt, I ran back inside and everyone looked at my arm and did nothing, this one lady asked me, "is anyone going to take care of your" I said, can someone take care of it please" I was so upset. It was almost as if they were saying, "you're not my patient". Only one lady came back and cleaned it, Shantel passed by as if she had nothing to do with this. Then I had to go to the bathroom and clean the blood off my shirt and my stomach. I had chemo a few months back, can you imagine if I would have been going through Chemo, this could have caused an infection and problems with my treatment. I don't want this happening to anyone else. Shantel, should not be working there at all, she was very unprofessional and rude, I even went back and asked her, "why did you use such a large needle, I only had one test done" (CA125), her reply was, "it was small, come on", I said, "really" and walked out, Please see that this is looked into and never happens again to anyone, this is wrong and can cause someone serious health problems, it could have been me a few months back during my chemo months. Thank you for your prompt attention in this serious matter.

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