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Hello Stephen H. Rusckowski , I am reaching out to you because I believe that you need to know what's going on at Quest Diagnostics. I'm patient who lives in South Jersey in the Glassboro,NJ area. I’ve been referred to quest diagnostic to get blood work done. Over last few years visiting your facilities feels like walking into a location in a third world country. The people there are not friendly, and the facility almost feels like a blood-mill where people walk in they draw blood like an animal and then you're released into the public. I've spoken to my doctor about this and my doctor is looking at other options because how I feel matters to her. I don't think that Quest care about their patients, your facilities is just not warm and welcoming!

Another issue I have with Quest is recently I've been asked to provide backup documentation for my FSA plan. I spent almost an entire week calling different numbers because there is no specific numbers listed on the web or anywhere that an average user can intuitively look it up and call. So after many attempts and lots of frustration on my part speaking to your staff, what I keep hearing from your staff is there are many regions located all over the country and one region cannot access data to another region, they cannot find my information. Speaking with your staff I feel like they are not knowledgeable enough to do a simple lookup of a patient last name. They're asking me to invoice which I don’t have and information that is not readily available to me otherwise I would provide it.

I am reaching out to you because I am hoping you will act and hear my frustration. My hopefully is that you will make changes. There are other people who feel the same way I do. I am taking this time to give you this advice free of charge.

Fix your locations up so that people feel like they are walking into blood-mill, feel treated like and animal when they come your facility, treat them like human beings. Make your system easier to locate a patient's record. As an IT expert I have worked on application which makes data work seamlessly across platforms so anyone who's accessing it whether the internal or external can simply plug-in information or biometric and voila there it is. I believe implement some of my suggestion will take your company to the next level and may even make you profitable.

Thank you,
Ray Apana

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