@questdx – Stephen Rusckowski – My name is Liberty Shafer and i am the marketing consultant for SmartDoc .SmartDoc, Inc

LIBERTY D SHAFER sent a message to Stephen Rusckowski that said:

My name is Liberty Shafer and i am the marketing consultant for SmartDoc .SmartDoc, Inc. is a medical transcription and EMR assistance company based out of Florida. We saw your ad for a medical transcriptionist and would like you to consider us for your needs. We are a two-generation family owned business, incorporated in 1997. We offer 24-hour turnaround time, seven days a week. Our pricing is affordable at 11.9 cents per 65-character line excluding headers and footers. We save you money, as there is no need for you to pay benefits, such as sick pay, vacation pay, health insurance, as well as matching Social Security, Medicare, and 401k. We are always available by phone and there is no extra charge for stat files. We guarantee the highest quality work, as all transcription and editing is done in the USA.
We also offer additional services related to cutting down your in-house labor associated with your EHR/EMR system, such as imputing third-party documents into the correct patient charts and performing virtual scribe services.
I recently received a message from your third party company in India wanting to hire us and pay 6cents a line.That price worries me.Also i looked up their information and to say the least their reputation does not match ours by far,especially in perfection.All our calls to 888SmartDoc go directly to the owners cell pone because we barely ever have issues.And he lives a very exciting life.You can call Christmas Day,Thanksgiving,2Am,anytime and someone will always answer. Please give the owner Greg Caminiti a call at 888SmartDoc(762-7836)

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