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Kasia Blaszczyk sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Dear Customer
Thank you for your e-mail which we will respond to as soon as possible.
Your query has been registered under No: 3635479.

No reply to my email yet. We arrived on Ryan Air flight on Sunday (23rd of July) night, from Krakow to Dublin. Left the plane as last people as my foot was injured.

My fiance left a phone (in a plastic white bag -
so it would have not went unnoticed) under the seat and as soon as we discovered it we called your lost and found office. Kept us waiting until 1am, told us to call in the morning. In the morning the phone was switched on by a person who had it, I rang it, the call was rejected and phone switched off again. I called the airport, no phones were handed in.

It looks to me as there are dishonest people working for you,Mr OLeary. One thing is that it is my responsibility to watch my stuff but the other thing is that the phone was found by whatever staff is cleaning the aircraft immediately after people left it, and did not hand it over.

I guess its the opportunity and a thief situation.

Feeling robbed, disappointed, and ignored by your complains staff. I keep calling the lost and found office but at this stage I know that someone out there has got themselves a phone.

I know that tickets are cheap for your flights, fair play to you. But train the staff that cleans the plane to be honest.

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