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David Lunn sent a message to Michael Rapino that said:

Dear sir or Madam

I am writing to you as a representative of the ticket holder, Mr Robert Thomas, who has had some tickets purchased for him by his sister, Mrs Christine Rowling on the 20/1/20. At the time of sending this email we have not received the tickets we purchased and due to the time left till the event we are starting to get a bit worried about the tickets arriving on time. This is compounded by the fact that Mr Thomas is registered disabled and requires support to get to the event which obviously needs to be aware of when we are receiving the tickets so that we can ensure the correct support is available.

On all the emails we have received from yourself we have no reference number or way to access an online account as we wanted to have a paper copy of the tickets. I have also tried to check the online system, just in case am account was set up to no avail. As I am sure you can appreciate everyone concerned is getting a bit nervous and upset that tickets haven't been dispatched or received and that the event will be missed.

I am attaching copies of the two emails we have received which, aside from correspondence about the change of dates for the event is the only details we have on these tickets. They were purchased by a card belonging to Mr Thomas's Sister, Mrs Christine Rowling on or around the 20/1/20. Mrs Rowling has asked that I, as the support worker who is with Mr Thomas the most, act as go between for this so I'd ask that any developments to contact me through to myself so I can effectively communicate them to Mr Thomas and Mrs Rowling.

I have spoken to your social media team and unfortunately I am unable to get any information as to where the tickets are, or if they are being sent out. I would ask that you please look into this as the person I support has waited for nearly 2 years to see this event and it would frankly break his spirit if he was unable to go.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

David Lunn
Support worker for Mr Robert Thomas

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