@rapino99 – Michael Rapino – Why is it so hard to reach anyone about booking venues with your companies? We

Rockguys.live and Apex Entertainment Group Charlotte, NC (contact Duane) sent a message to Michael Rapino that said:

Why is it so hard to reach anyone about booking venues with your companies? We represent 21 bands and 6 solo artist and growing. We are expanding all the time and finding venues for the better bands we represent is getting hard, because of their following.

Yes I researched every avenue through Ticket Mster, Music Factory, City of Charlotte, Live Nation, PNC, etc. and I used this as a last resort.

What I see happening is a lot of great talent fallen through the cracks that can not get into any of your venues. 20 somethings that are creating great music both in rock and country beg us all the time to get us booked with you. A NC CMA winner can not get booked with you or a young rising star who is 20 years old and her band has been together since they were 16. A band I just discovered who are two 18 year old's and a 19 year old are writing their own music, but are in a part of the country that doesn't have a lot of venues that are 250 miles away. I cant get them here until they graduate high school and their story is the same playing together from age 14-15.
There needs to be a vetting process for bands to get into some of your venues. Even if it was like me scouting bands before getting booked and to open for an established Artist.
I know you did not get where you are by not knocking on every door that you crossed. Well you are that door. Right now I know I have 5 young bands that can make it in this industry. Point in the right direction is all I ask and they can do the work needed to be a success story too. Thank you, Duane.

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