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ATTN: Dr.Thomas A. Kennedy,

My name is Candice Campbell-Wright and I'm requesting any possible assistance and /or insight with regards to Remote Satellite Electronic Neural Programming and Monitoring without notification via warrant or informed consent. I have fell victim due to becoming a Whistle Blower by my former employer Credit Acceptance, who contracted a bogus Investigation company to stalk myself and household. Direct Energy is being sent to my home and vehicles into my vital organs. Please see information listed below regarding the contractors I suspect involved, and in which you conduct business with as well. My goal in life is to use my Education (Master of Business Administration) and Christian Gifts/Talents to help all Humans, as an Ambassador of Christ with the passion to bring all into Fellowship. My Grandfather Sam Oliver Smith was a WWII Purple Heart Veteran recognized for his bravery and sacrifice to protect the country by President Truman to keep Americans safe from Terrorism and I find it insulting that I am now being Domestically Terrorized. My family is one of Military and Clergy and deserve to have our Human Rights protected. We go to war spiritually to protect our government and fellow citizens from evil through prayer, volunteering in the community, and assuming careers with the Government. As outlined below, my Uncle currently serves within the Internet Security Department for the Pentagon and retired from his Military Career.  i'm asking if you may contact the contractors and/or investigate any other 3rd party contractors that may be in collusion to target my household.  I strongly suspect the contractors as mentioned below are using neighborhood Gang Stalkers to assist them in this act of Terror. I terminated my employment with Credit Acceptance in 2018 due to the harassment and their contractors followed me to my most recent employer to work in collusion of Beaumont Hospital & Credit Acceptance both former employers who contracted Red Team Security and DRS Technologies, Leonardo Technologies both specializing in the use of Social Engineering, Pre-texting, Electronic Surveillance and Remote Targeting. The aforementioned companies worked together without warrant, or informed consent to Electronically Surveill me and my household, which included Voice 2 Skull Telepathy, and Directed Energy Laser weapons were used to penetrate my body, organs etc 24/7 hours a day. My Mother Ordained Minister Gloria J .Campbell, which is disabled and resides in my home and also a patient of  Beaumont Patient..My Uncle Baptist Church Trustee Nathaniel Ellison for over 35 = years is also a patient of Beaumont Hospital, whose daughter is employed by the FBI. Due to the high levels of Directed Energy being beamed into my home my Mother has suffered extreme low blood, breathing issues and had to have 2 plus blood transfusions performed and "billed" by Beaumont Hospital, which could have been prevented and never should have occurred. I also have a low blood count due to this heinous act of terrorism. My Mother is also being treated for issues with her breast Beaumont Hospital due to the excessive amount of Directed Energy (Ionized Radiation, violating FCC SAR guidelines being beamed into my home and Vehicle. They are fully aware that she resides in my home and is too being surveilled. I have requested an FBI investigation on two occasions over the past year. Please note that Beaumont is on a 5 Year Corporate Integrity Agreement as dictated by HHS for a former 8.5 Million Dollar Whistle blower Settlement due to past "Improper Relationships" connected to Fraud, as investigated by the Department of Justice. My former Employer Credit Acceptance in Southfield Michigan hired an bogus investigation company to stalk my Husband I, in retaliation of me being considered a whistle blowers. Directed Energy Weapons have been used to target my body, organs and etc wit the use of V2K Voice 2 Skull Technology. Please see note below. This group is also in use of a "Neural Machine", and have accessed by vehicle Computer System. I have received multiple death threats. The group also contacted my recent employer Beaumont Hospital (Service Center in Southfield) and were allowed to set up shop to send directed energy (lasers) to my body and surveille me under the bogus use of "Human Research". My dog has also experienced medical issues (Eye Tumor and Multiple illnesses due to the Electronic Weapons. All of this has been done without me being served a warrant or any formal consent agreement. Multiple employees were given access to surveille me (See attached list of Employees/Witnesses phone numbers and addresses. I would like to know if any approval, documentation was granted and by whom. This group of people are human traffickers, gang stalkers, and more than likely provided fraudulent information. example... spreading rumors/lies that I'm suicidal or a drug addict etc. They have also threatened to create/produce and sale media such has books, songs, monitoring blogs regarding this terror (Video Voyeurism). Any information that you can provide will be helpful. Please see note below and attached documentation. Please see attached information regarding Red Team Security; they offer “Organization Game Play”. Please see the two contacts listed below. I am also very concerned as my 1st Maternal Cousin is employed with the FBI (FBI Agent Rana Ellison and my Uncle Robert Ellison is employed with the Pentagon (Internet Security). My phone# is 248 918 6691.


Candice Campbell-Wright

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