@RBS – Ross McEwan – Dear Ms Rose I?ve banked with RBS for 34 years. But as you continue to

Eileen McQuade sent a message to Ross McEwan that said:

Dear Ms Rose

I’ve banked with RBS for 34 years. But as you continue to finance the fossil fuel industry which the UN says is driving the planet towards “severe, widespread and irreversible impacts,” I am being forced to switch my banking to a bank who does not fund fossil fuels.

I feel let down that RBS is continuing—despite the warnings of the IMF, World Bank, Bank of England and others—to invest in companies who aren’t just endangering the future of life on earth, but whose resources are also set to become “stranded assets” within a matter of years.

I urge you to reconsider your position and commit to withdrawing support from fossil fuels of all kinds as soon as possible—as you must, to comply with the Paris Agreement. I look forward to a response detailing exactly when you’ll end support (financial and advisory) for coal, oil, gas, and other dirty fuels like tar sands.

Although I’m just one customer out of millions, the fossil fuel divestment movement that I’m part of is growing all the time—and until you listen to its demands and act with moral and financial responsibility, you’ll continue to lose customers to more ethical banks

Yours sincerely,

Eileen McQuade

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