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Re: Forever Beautiful – G7 Summit Edition – CCTNE Dear Mr. Freda, Your details were passed – Fabrizio Freda email address

James sent a message to Fabrizio Freda – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Estée Lauder Companies – Email Address that said:

Re: Forever Beautiful - G7 Summit Edition - CCTNE

Dear Mr. Freda,

Your details were passed on to me regarding your corporate responsibility goals and initiatives..

This, being relevant to our long-standing, G7 stakeholder project*, supporting next year’s (the 43rd) G7 2017 Summit.

Your advocacy would be positioned alongside our regular contributors: the G7 Heads of State, Leading UN Agencies, Senior Policymakers and a select number of our industry partners and innovators**. For details of the publication’s audience, distribution, option to participate and preferential investment cost, please could you reply back with your email address?

With kind regards,


* Since 2008, CCTNE - ‘Climate Change the New Economy’ has promoted independent and informed discussion on issues related to climate change and sustainable development, through high quality publications aimed at political business leaders and opinion formers. CCTNE is the only publication dedicated to this crucial subject matter present at the G7 Summits. Our purpose value are two-fold: 1) to deliver effective thought-leadership through our proven advocacy platform 2) ensure as wide a reach as possible via our unique, extensive global distribution ‘hard-copy’ network associated on-line platforms.

** Confirmed industry partners, represented by their CEOs or leading experts include: Air Asia, Baleen Filters, Bosch, Cree, Ferrero, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Goldcorp, IEC, Philips, Pirelli Walgreen Boots Alliance

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