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LUIS TORRES sent a message to Eric J. Foss - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aramark - Email Address that said:

Reference to : High Land court / The Train wreck

I am not a disgruntle employee, I am very disappointed employee.
I am 65 yr young Mexican Vet, Air force (5 yrs in Air Cargo Spec 1 yr in Culinary).
I worked for DNC for 10 yrs and 1.7 for your company.

I was one of the few, who wanted Aramark in and DNC out.
Now I want ARAMARK out as well.
You came in wanting to make Positive changes, I embraced that belief.

But died out fasttttttttttttttt.
In my opinion, you are trying to run a city as a ball park.
You kept DNC Mangers with the DNC Attitude.

The food at food court started to look great and displays was a facade!
They started eliminating food off the menu, charging more
Eliminating the ordering eggs (over easy/ omelets etc.)
Replaced by semi cook eggs, left over bacon, sausages, never done gravy and cold biscuits.
Lunch dinner, the specialty of the house “pre-done hamburgers!
Hard buns if you throw at the wall they shatter.
Your Planning on putting kiosk machines to order food, really???
About 10 bus loads of tourist plus the regular guest, plus the employees.
Can you tell me how the employees are going to get their order, pay and have their meal in half an hour?

Dinner is a hit and miss.

Cutting back on employees.
I know that fact that the Merced river plan is not your idea, but to eliminate 250 employees???????
We, have been working on a skeleton crew, now to eliminate 250 people???
I can guarantee you, no one is going to want to work 6 days and 2 jobs, with (One) pay.
Unless you plan to operate this place with just managers?

Our food cost jumped from $50 ($200 month) per week to $450 a month and the food is inadequate quality about 80% of the time.
I could go one, but the main reason I am writing about id “Highland Court /The Train Wreck” to us.
I have lived in the 8 x 8 x 9 room for about 8 years now.

It was a condemned trailer in Canada, when purchased by DNC and brought down as a Temp residence.
It occasionally still has mold mildew problems, 1/ inch walls.
Single room.
But Its home.

Now they were talking about tearing them down and we were to move and share rooms with others.

Only lately I found out, they have been moving other employees in?????

For every 3 of the original employees moves out, a new one get moved in!

Any Logic here???

Now, I find out they plan to keep them up and use them for the “J1” TEMPS???

We, the senior employees, put in our time, we have to move and share a room ????

This is ridicules, unfair, Discriminatory!

Any that has been forced out, should be allowed to come back if they want to.

What is the logic here, to move out and to bring in??

This place is not going anywhere for a while!

Every time we turn around we are being screwed in some way!

Nothing is getting better here, it just keeps getting worse, and they wonder why employees are not happy here, its worse than DNC, we did not think anyone was worse.

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