@republicservice – Donald Slager – 1565 Kalmia Ave Hi, I called to cancel my service on Friday, June 28, 2019

Colleene MCCARTHY sent a message to Donald Slager that said:

1565 Kalmia Ave
I called to cancel my service on Friday, June 28, 2019. I have been with Allied/ taken over by Republic for 16 years. I would not have cancelled if your company was dong it's job.
I live in City of Boulder which requires compost and recycling with our trash service. All was going well when we had a Thursday service date. Once it was changed to Friday, our compost and recycle would sit as the trucks passed it by. Myself and two other neighbors experienced this and would call and would get told to leave it curbside and it would get routed through dispatch. Never happened. My neighbor called every day for a week. This just hapened but has happened quite a few times in the last 8 months or so.
I was told the next available pick up for my containers was July 12th. Seriously! And was told I would be charged for the puck up $30. Never did I see or sign a contract saying I would pay to have my containers picked up if and when I ended my service. All of which I would not be doing if my pick up was consistent and customer service did not always say it is supposed to be out by 7am. Which of course it always was. To blame the customer for missed service is very lame. I will not be paying the $30 pick up container fee. But if it is not waived I will happy to let your board split it amongst themselves if it is a fee that must be collected.
So after 16 years of service to be treated so poorly is really bad business. Colleen McCarthy 303-443-1644

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