@republicservice – Donald Slager – Mr Slager, first I would like to apologize for bothering you. I know you must

Chris Dace sent a message to Donald Slager that said:

Mr Slager, first I would like to apologize for bothering you. I know you must be a busy man. However, I am having a problem that maybe you can resolve for me.
First let me give you a little background. The township I live in has contracted Republic Services for trash and recycle pickup.
Every year I pick up a current, color coded schedule so I know when to put my recycle bin out for pickup. The schedule I have gotten from the township has been accurate. I was scheduled for recycle pickup on November 15 2019 an I put both trash and recycle out. The recycle did not get picked up.
This is where it gets confusing for me.
I called the number for my area to find out if I could get it picked up and I was told I put the recycle out on the wrong week. (Even though I put it out on the week according to the schedule I picked up at the township hall. Which I’m presuming someone at Republic provided.) I explained to the person at Republic that I was following the same schedule I have been following all year so she said she would have a supervisor call me. And at the same time, she scheduled a pickup for the following Tuesday. A supervisor did call me and confirmed the schedule I had was correct.
I’ll cut to the chase now and say I have talked to 4 different people and two supervisors. It is now November 22 2019 and my recycle still has not been picked up.
I have explained to everyone I talked to that I really don’t care which day I need to put my recycle out. Just tell me when and how often. It seems no one can give me that information. Hopefully you can help me.
Thank you for you time.
Have a Blessed day.

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