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My name is John Mears and I am a long-time client of Republic Services. I am a public school teacher in Tennessee and ten years ago I purchased a new home in a small community (less than 100 homes). The community was set up with Allied Waste as my provider. After Allied was acquired by Republic Services I noticed that my rate of billing switched from bi-monthly to monthly. Being a auto-debit customer I assumed that the increase in billing frequency was due to rising costs; and as a consumer that understands these possibilities, I figured that was the situation.

It has recently come to my attention that my small community (most of which use Republic Services for their waste service) pay quarterly the amount I am currently being charged monthly. This is roughly $60 for one pickup per week.

I commenced my communication with the customer service department at Republic Service last week and have spoken to several representatives. KATHLEEN informed me that I can be switched to the quarterly program and proceeded to do so. After incurring another automatic monthly charge, I called back and MONTANA had let me know that my billing change had not been finalized for some reason, but told me to expect a call back from a supervisor the next day. After not receiving a call back, my next call connected me with JOEL who informed me that the rate I should be paying (per what others in my community pay) is approx. $60 per quarter, and confirmed to me that he found it odd that I was paying this on a monthly basis. He again promised me another supervisor call back and after 4 days of waiting, I called in this most recent time. I spoke with ERICA and she seemed confused as to why the other representatives hadn’t connected me directly to a supervisor. ERICA commented that I seemed very reasonable and that she would connect me with a Supervisor immediately.

ERICA connected me to VASHTI and it was at this time that the supervisor informed me that while my billing has not been corrected, that there is no other recourse to either assist me in attaining some form of service equity for such a long period of time paying 3x the amount that my neighbors pay. VASHTI’S response was that ‘it wasn’t a mistake but now it is fixed’. This is a comment I cannot understand and am not looking to you for assistance. I found your online video dealing with “Customer Zeal” to be reassuring in that you may take a moment to review my case and assist me in finding equity in my situation.

Most Gratefully,

John B. Mears

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