@republicservice – Donald Slager – This is to whoever is the CEO of Republic Services. At the beginning of the

Mrs. Samuel C Wiley sent a message to Donald Slager that said:

This is to whoever is the CEO of Republic Services.
At the beginning of the month --- before new bill was due or any service dates for July I cancelled my service. It took 2 days and over 4 1/2 hours on hold to finally get a person. Your online chat is computerized BS. The gentleman I spoke with checked and agreed NO MONEY WAS DUE. I told him I cancelled because I got another unexplained increase and this time it was $20.00. I told him this was nothing agaisnt him but I fully realize why the company only has 1.5 star rating and no BBB rating. Explained my call was answered promptly and with their senior discount I have service at 35.00 less! He said the bin couldn't be picked up until the 15th and I'd receive a bill. I told him I was not paying for the company to remove it's property.
I receive a notice by phone of past due bill. After 40 minutes on hold get someone and explain I owe nothing. He said he would send to billing that this shouldn't be charge--- Oh the final bill isn't generated until bin is picked up. It was the companies fault for 2 wk. delay in pickup!!!
I am not paying this. You need to take a close look at what your customers think of you. I want this taken care of ASAP . I do not make 12 million a year and don't have a dime to spare being on a fixed income with a disabled husband. This is in the north central part of OHIO. I look forward to your confirmation that this is resolved.

Just another dissatisfied customer
Cindy Wiley

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