@republicservice – Donald W Slager – Dear Mr. Slager, I would like to make a suggestion for your customer support department

Karen E. Sunderland sent a message to Donald W Slager that said:

Dear Mr. Slager,

I would like to make a suggestion for your customer support department. First, let me say 98% of the time Republic is right on with service.

Last week, my recycling wasn't picked up, I believe it was due to the paving of streets in my neighborhood. I chalked it up to that and didn't call Republic.

However, yesterday I had to call to have a missed trash pick up on Thursday. After 25 minutes waiting on hold, they told me it would be picked up either Thursday or Friday. I told the customer support representative that my entire town is picked up Thursday, so they might want to send it out since Republic trucks were still around town.

I got home from work Friday and the trash still wasn't picked up. I called today and waited over 35 minutes. They told me it would be picked up Monday. I asked for a manager and waited another 10 minutes. After speaking to him he said it would definitely be picked up today. The folks I spoke to in your South Carolina Call Center couldn't have been nicer, but the wait time is extremely frustrating.

My suggestion is temporary Spring/Summer customer support folks in order to handle high call volumes, so the calls are handled in a timely manner. Centralizing the calls loses the convenience of knowing that trucks are still in a specific area or town. I saw Republic trucks as I drove home from work on Thursday and was surprised that it wasn't picked up. Now a truck must come from wherever they work on Friday for one barrel.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Karen E. Sunderland

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