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Mr. Slager my names is James Edward Glass i work in birmingham al as a front load driver i started with the company when it was BFI in 1980 6 new front load trucks was sent to birmingham al i got 1 of the first 2 that came there i drove any truck that i could because mine was broke down for a whole year it was also broke down when i got the new truck i drove the new truck for 2 or 3 weeks it was issued to me as a route truck supervisor Reginald Watts made a weekend spare out of the new truck Marcus Watts drives it Saturday and Sunday i bring it in empty on Friday and every Monday the truck is filled up as long as i been there i have never saw a supervisor take a new truck and make a spare out of it and i have never known anybody there that has retired and been treated this way i did call corp to tell them about this issue only thing they said to me was they are sorry i'm being mistreated i told Reginald that i called corp and he said i know i just got off the phone with them and i'll quote what he said to me "look here he is gonna drive that truck Saturday and Sunday you come in Monday and go to mount olive they open at 3 and don't you say nothing else to Marcus" another thing Marcus told me he wasn't driving the truck because he wanted to he is driving it cause he is told to this is all i got to say its not right for me to bring it in empty on Friday and have to go to the dump on Monday before i start my route they all know about it and none of them are doing anything about it

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