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Here is the introduction on iVIS -

iVIS Introduction -

We are in the business of Virtual Guard Technologies Services called iVIS - Intensive Vigilance and Intervention System. As you may be aware, current video monitoring systems are struggling with high incidence of false alarms and low efficiency at theft prevention and especially in outdoor environments. iVIS solves this problem by blending the latest advances in video technology with real-time human intellect.

How it works? -

iVIS's custom equipment is deployed on properties / sites and Live Video is streamed to our Monitoring Centers where our Virtual guards watch it in real-time using our proprietary software (called iVIGIL). Our Virtual guards raise alarms, strobes and PA messages in case of any suspicious activity or intrusion and stop crime before it even starts.

iVIS with it's completely mobile hardware, scalable software and built in backup systems resulted in 98 % reduction in theft and vandalism among our clients. We are highly successful in US UK with over 1400+ installations and reduced physical security guard costs by 70%.

Brochures Clips -

For more information on iVIS please visit our web site .

We strongly believe iVIS will be very useful for outdoor / indoor property protection especially in stopping theft vandalism.

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