Respected Sir, I purchased an LCD from – Kazuo Hirai email address

PRABHANJAN sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation – email address that said:

Respected Sir,
I purchased an LCD from Om Electronics, sector-6, Rohini, Delhi-85 at a cost of Rs.36,900- on 27th Feb 2011. After 18 months of purchase, one thin line started appearing on the LCD screen. When I approached customer care with the above complain, he said that the problem can be rectified at a cost of Rs. 20,000-. As payment of Rs. 20,000- was beyond my financial capacity and the thin line on the screen was not creating much problem, I continued with that problem. Later, gradually the number of thin lines increased to three.
From 15 April, 2016 one another problem started. The visual screen started disappearing for a few moment and again coming back without any disruption in the audio sound. Gradually, moment of disappearing of the screen started increasing upto 30 minutes and frequency also increased. When I complained to customer care for the above problem, the response was quite pathetic. After calling for 15 times, the service personnel visited our house and told that mother board is needed to be replaced and it will cost around Rs. 11,000-. It is quite disappointing for us as we cannot afford this financial burden.
After planning and saving for a long time, I purchased above LCD with a wish that at least it will last for 10 years, because the reliability and impression of SONY items in the market is very high. But unfortunately, I personally have very bad experience. From previous 45 days, we are continuing without TV and my present financial position does not allow me to spend Rs 11,000- for repair. It is my humble request to you to interfere personally into the matter and to create a affordable hope to us so that we can again start enjoying like previous days.

with regards;

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