Respected sir, My name is Ajith ,and i am from Kerala,India.I – Edward Lampert email address

Ajith  sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

Respected sir,

My name is Ajith ,and i am from Kerala,India.I am sending this mail in order to know whether i would able to get any help from your charity fund to restart my father's dream project "Help The Weak". This organization was started by my father Mr: D.S Singh who was a government servant retired in 1992.The mission behind to start this organization was to help the persons who don't have enough financial background for the treatment for their illness ,children who don't have enough cash for their education,people who need homes,etc.The organization was not a success,because he was not able to find financial help from others.The result was he had debts.I was not interested in this decision,and i didn't support him either in physically nor financially.My father was not happy about this.My father passed away in 07-02-2013 without fulfilling his dream.The reason i am thinking about to restart this organization is , i can't stick on any job for the last few years.I strongly believe that my father want me to start this organization again and he want me to run this organization.
Last year i went to Qatar for seeking job,the time i reached there ,the crude oil price dropped down,and the whole GCC is in financial crisis and i have to came back India.My fathers dream was to make me to run this organization.But i am a big zero now.I don't know where to start and how start.My mother is a cancer patient.Due to some health problem i am not able to go for any job now.I am not degree completed,so that i don't know my English is correct or not.I hope, i at least get a reply from your side.
with prayers,

God loves a cheerful giver. 2nd Cor. 7:13

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