Respected Sir please read my message before discarding it. Im like your child so please – GVK Reddy email address

Shalini sent a message to GVK Reddy – Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director, GVK – Email Address that said:

Respected Sir please read my message before discarding it. I'm like your child so please give 5min and read my message. I'm 37yr old single unmarried girl. I'm not asking you any financial help but please guide and help me to become something in my life so that I too can live with dignity. I'm graduate but still not settled because my parents never wanted me to settle down in life as both of them are aged and they use me as their care taker. Sir I'm a hard worker and want to live independently and happily. Recently one of my friend suggested me a small business and I was very much interested in it. I have that small amount which i can afford to do that small investment for the business but I don't have the right platform for that business. I'm looking for an independent lively hood and want to set up a small business as such I want a small space of say 6×6 feet in your mall. Will you be please able to help me to get a small space in your GVK mall so that I can start my Novelty earrings and studs business for children. I'm a hard worker but I don't have proper encouragement as my own parents have demotivated me and labelled me a a big flop and failure just to keep me in they reach to serve them as a maid without salary. But Sir I'm a first class Science graduate and I know my capacity and capabilities and I will not accept that I'm a flop or a failure. I know just to use me for they personal household work my own parents always discourage me but I always get worried thinking about my future. Day by day I'm growing old now it's too late for marriage but what about my future living. I cannot do anything wrong or unethical just to earn money. I know money is an important aspect of one's life and there are several inappropriate ways of earning but I don't like unethical method of earning but I believe in earning that money only through hard work not by false methods or doing anything wrong. As such i wanted you to Please help me to get a small space in your mall so that I can make my career. Please consider me as your child and support me
Thanking you

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