Respected Sir, With firm belief in God, i will hereby request for fraction of your – Abigail Pierrepont Abby Johnson email address

shamoon sent a message to Abigail Johnson – President and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments and Chairman of Fidelity Worldwide Investment email address that said:

Respected Sir,

With firm belief in God, i will hereby request for fraction of your time to
put forth a humble request regarding some financial aid.

I am living in a small city (Sialkot) Pakistan and belongs to Christianity
by religion. you are fully aware of the fact that it is a poor country and
do not cares for its deprived nationals. Life is very difficult financially
for even most of Muslim majority in general and hence you can access the
problems of minorities here as well. Currently i am working in a sports
firm and earns only enough to make both ends meet. I am the only worker of
4 children along with a sick wife, at this oldish age touching 60s; we have
no self owned home, no medical facilitation and most importantly no
resources what so ever for marriage of any of my child. Specially my
children are now eligible for marriage but once again like their poor
education and health, i cannot manage to make marriage.

As a strong God believer, i have always tried throughout my life that to
earn myself through hard work and honesty in contrast to any bad ways of
earning. So i have to pay the price for this honesty in the form of poverty
and bad health only. Meanwhile i have tried my level best to get some
support from home building finance co-operations and national/international
NGOs as well, but all my efforts in vein.

Lastly, this Jesus follower begs you for a very minor financial support for
the sake of God. You can check my below stated address by sending your
representative that i own no home. Therefore my only wish is to built my
own small home and can make arrangement to marry my daughters as this will
be the only luxury i could give it to my off springs before leaving this
fatal world.

I am dead sure that this draft will definitely generate a ray of soft
corner in your heart before being discarded to trash
Thanks Best Regards.


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