Respected Sir, I had purchased Renault Scala RXZ model in July 2014 from Renault Kochi – Carlos Ghosn email address

Sachin Bhamare sent a message to Carlos Ghosn - Chairman and CEO, Renault - Email Address that said:

Respected Sir,
I had purchased Renault Scala RXZ model in July 2014 from Renault Kochi (India) and registered car in PCMC area(Pune, Maharashtra) registration number is MH14 EH9327
In 2-3 month period I got to know that there is some noise came from steering. I informed this issue in 1st service, during 1st servicing they found steering column need to be replace. I asked them to replace it under warranty and why it is happened for new car. Service center order part to company and company portal shown that this car is not under warranty.I am shocked when I got to know this news from service center. I had raised this issue in service center that I purchased my car just 6 months back so why it is not under warranty. Service center asked same question to company and they got reply from company that this car is flooded car and not under warranty.
I had raised this concern to Renault customer care, but they told me you need to contact your dealer. After some days I feel it will not affecting on functionality of my car so I decide to use the same car without replacing steering column
Now in 1st week of Sep-2016 my car having some vibration issue. I informed this to service center and drop my car for resolving this issue. After 1 week, service center called me your car having injector issue and it needs to be replace.

Now I am very disappointed that injector will affected on engine functionality. I discussed this issue with service center representative. They told me, we received response from company that you got heavy discount at the time of purchase due to flooded car. But this was not informed me at the time of purchase and not mentioned in purchase invoice. I have attached purchase document in this mail for your reference.
This is 100% cheating from Renault Kochi dealer that they are selling flooded cars to customer as a brand new car.
Kindly consider this mail as cheating complaint against Renault dealer and request Renault company to replace my car under warranty.

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