Respected Sir,I read an interview of yours in The Hindu – Business Line, dated – G V Prasad email address

Praveebn ent a message to G. V. Prasad Co-Chairman and CEO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories that said:

Respected Sir,

I read an interview of yours in The Hindu - Business Line, dated 5th August 2015  it was an interesting one and was very happy to see newer digital initiative Dr. Reddy's is taking. I must say that I am really proud of Dr. Reddy’s, an Indian company that has left its mark on millions of life's across the globe. I take this opportunity to Congratulate you and your team and wish you the very best for the future endeavors of your company.

Let me give you a quick intro of myself, I am Praveen, who work for Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd., a company who is associated with Dr. Reddy’s in elearning initiatives.

I am writing this email to explore any opportunities wherein both the companies can collaborate by using our domain expertise to make a difference in the world, which also helps both the companies to progress in our business.

I see following as few thought provoking opportunities:
• Online Education for - Health Science, Pharmaceutical Practices,
• Research Based Higher Education in Science. So that, the bright students can be absorbed by Dr. Reddy’s.
• Wellness College and Online Education delivered through Excelsoft’s IP product SARAS
• Assist/Train the Doctor Platform
• Dr. Reddy’s-direct to-Patient Assistance Platform
• Train the pharmacist and nurses

Excelsoft, can play an important role in realizing your vision, request you to give us sometime so that we can have a constrictive discussion. Appreciate a response to this emailaddress

Praveen HD

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