Respected sirs, Let me introduce my self. Sathyanath B.E (MECH) A graduate from MIT – TV Narendran email address

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Respected sirs,

Let me introduce my self.


A graduate from MIT Manipal, looking after my dads firm M/S Ramnath steels Cement, dealer tata steel(tiscon),kanhangad kasargode district kerala..Sir tata tiscon is one of the finest products in TMT steel.There is no doubt regarding this.

But presently we are finding it very difficult to sell tata steel in our town.Today we have a very tough competitor in market in the brand name JSW steel.we are finding it very difficult to sell tata tiscon because of the huge differences in prices.the distributor for JSW steel is M/S Vitson steel corporation,who is none other than the brother of tata steel distributor,M/S Prabhu steels.Regarding this problem(stiff competition from jsw regarding prices) we have already informed prabhu steel.But i think they have no strategy to counter this problem.Currently the cost price of 8 mm tata steel is rs 50.50/-kg were as jsw steel price 44/-kg.The price of vizag (RINL) is still lower.sir if the price difference was a mere 2Rs per Kg it was not at all a problem.Presently we are facing a lot off difficulty in convincing the customer as jsw steel is also coming with 500d material.when we started with tata tiscon in the first year we were able to sell only 120metric tonnes a year.second year we reached 600metric tonnes. But after this jsw steel came into the market we are really finding it difficult to sell tiscon. sir we are almost losing every projects on the basis of price.
sir to know the truth you can conduct your own survey.our neighbouring state karnataka,the prices of tiscon are Rs5/kg lesser than in kerala.

sir many of the dealers are facing the same problem.sir i kindly request you to look into this matter very seriously and if possible help us to tackle this issue.

thanking you

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