Richard C Adkerson – Dear Richard! I am founder & CEO of thegreatcoin, Thegreatcoin [TGC] is

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Dear Richard!

I am founder & CEO of thegreatcoin,

Thegreatcoin [TGC] is the store value system globally. It is aimed to be better than banks, crypto currencies, or mutual funds/investment companies. Everything that has value, tangible or intangible can be stored in our system. You can imagine if 1% of deposits on banks in the world of $39 trillions be transferred to TGC. We never know that this trend of blockchain technology will change everything.

TGC is not like bitcoin, it has intrinsic value. It is crypto securities. If FCX store value on TGC, the value is there on the system, as like company.

We have raised IDR 107.5 billions value in a week [US$8millions] through company's ownership swap mechanism.

We have 2 property businesses, law firm, consulting firm, 3d printing, plantations, etc. We are now in discussion with dozen companies to be put on our company.

We propose FCX transfer its ownership on PT Freeport Indonesia to us. Here is some advantages to FCX if do that:
1. Unlock value on a trending industry, blockchain platform.
2. Minimize social risks on its operation in Indonesia
3. Access value of PTFI on our system globally
4. get special discount of 80% on TGC [the price just IDR 200/TGC] 5. get partnership from us of 100 millions TGC [IDR 100 Billions] 6. the company still run normal, we don't touch the operations.

If FCX agree, please make the valuation of PTFI and we can make a transfer mechanism.

I can be contacted on my email:

Kind Regards

Mamat Rohimat

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