@robertiger – Robert Iger – Dear Mr Iger, I love living in the United States of America for many reasons

Betty Dozier sent a message to Robert Iger that said:

Dear Mr Iger,
I love living in the United States of America for many reasons. One is for the freedom to write to anybody I chose and tell them what I think.
My reason for writing to you today is because I have seen information about a new movie that Disney will release that has a major character who chooses the lifestyle of homosexuality.
Another reason I love this country is that everyone can choose how they live unless it affects someone in a negative way or even in a dangerous way.
I am confident that many people who are now encouraging the agenda of the 5 letter group (or is it 4). knows that the lifestyles chosen by this group are not acceptable when we look at accepted behaviors in a moral society.
I am also confident that you know of what I am speaking.
I am requesting that Walt Disney not push this agenda. You do not need to do so to continue making a gigantic profit.
We have been to both of the large parks in the USA and have loved our time with our kids and our grandkids. I do not think I will spend money that goes to your corporation unless you can change the direction that you are going in this particular part of our society.
I love the children of our country and I want them to have the same opportunities to make decisions that are not encouraged by such an agenda as the one of which I am speaking.
Please consider discussing this hot issue again and think what you are doing to the precious little ones who watch your movies.
Sincerely, Betty Dozier from TX

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