@robertiger – Robert Iger – Dear Robert, Disney has been my happy place since early 70's as my grandmother lived

Tamara Parenteau sent a message to Robert Iger that said:

Dear Robert, Disney has been my happy place since early 70's as my grandmother lived in Florida. It became a tradition to visit Disney at least every three years at Christmas and what memories it created for all of us. I know that those memories will never be taken away from me and I do hold them near and dear to my heart.
Those memories were carried on with my 3 boys and as a family the 5 of us create some wonderful memories that we will always have. Again no one can take those away either.
This year as a family we decided to start this tradition with my granddaughters and exchange student from Japan! Well, since our 4 year all granddaughter loves Halloween her daddy thought October would be perfect. We keep this a secret and planned for a year! Keep in this now 61 year old grandma this was her happy place. The granddaughters were told and they just could not believe it!!! So, the trip began! The youngest granddaughter became sick and Disney staff was wonderful getting her the care she needed. But, things just went down hill from there 🙁 First the amount of people allowed into the parks the days we were there had been unreal! Not your fault was the rudeness of most your guest! What happen to this being a happy place? The Magic Kingdom I had never seen the walkway or the area around the vendors so messy. Actually seen one of the staff walk right through the popcorn with broom in hand along with dust pan, never thought for a second to stop. The cost for a bottle of water was $6.00 please, this is water not gold. We understand we will pay more for our food and gifts! However we stayed at the resort and had to pay to park our car each day? Then when ask why? All the other big resorts do it!! Really, your not all the other resorts, your a resort that families come to for children and you just took $25.00 a day away from a child who could of spent that inside the park. Ticket prices, resort prices, food prices, souvenirs and don't forget tips are all high enough. We are not cheap by no means we did do the extra Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and paid the extra $100.00 each for the scary Halloween which was also very crowed and much over the limit of what they promised. Very disappointed with the decorations just did not seem like the park was really into the spirit. The staff members during our trip did not all seem up to the Disney standard it was a hit or miss type thing. That broke my heart. (I have been through the Disney Program with an employer) So, I just had to let you know that I truly went home and could not say that Disney was my Happy Place anymore. No more smiles when I see Mickey & Minnie, No more love in my heart to share this once wonderful enchanting world with my family. I truly was heart broken & I'm really trying to get over it. I'm trying to get over that feeling of not carrying, greed and plain how else can we take advantage. Because you know when it comes to peoples kids they will pay for it!! That's a sad philosophy to build on. I'm hoping and praying one day my broken heart will mend and Walt Disney World Florida will again be my Happy place. Also Praying that those leading this company can find it in their hearts that profit is good, but, lining your pockets with Millions & Billions for the heart break of others is not right.

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