@robertiger – Robert Iger – Mr. Iger, I?ve been a devout Disney fan for decades, a frequent Disney World guest

Susan Almgren sent a message to Robert Iger that said:

Mr. Iger,

I’ve been a devout Disney fan for decades, a frequent Disney World guest (who also brings family members of all ages),
a recent annual pass holder who visited DW every two months from PA and stayed at Disney Resorts,
a regular participant in Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend races while staying at Disney resorts
followed by days at the parks or a Disney Cruise, and an addicted shopper of Disney merchandise and cuisine at Disney Springs.
Walt Disney’s all-American, family oriented vision for his parks have blessed tens of millions from around the world including me and my family.
So, I was appalled to hear of recent decisions revealing Disney’s abandoning Walt’s original vision in exchange for getting involved in political and social
activist issues by catering to the politically correct WOKE mobs and Disney CEO’s and Board’s personal agendas.

HOW could Disney’s ESPN be so egregiously errant in hiring Colin Kaepernick, such a controversial figure
regarded by millions of Americans and veterans like myself as anti American in his disrespect for our country,
flag and military in his kneeling, WHILE ON THE JOB, during the playing of the National Anthem?!
There are numerous Afro American athletes you could have hired who have done FAR more to reach out
as mentors or to meet practical needs of the oppressed and needy across our
country and the world who are MUCH better role models for America’s and the world’s youth than Colin Kaepernick.

Rather than considering the preference of millions of world wide fans regarding a top Disney attraction, Splash Mountain,
Disney pandered to a small group of whining agitators by removing the animated Br’er Rabbit characters
which NO child or majority of adults would see as racially discriminating (I guarantee most people around the world
visiting Disney parks have never even seen the 1946 Song of the South!)
How sad that Disney is obviously acquiescing to a minority of LOUD American extremists in the BLM anarchist para-military group.
There are exponentially more Asian guests to Disney parks worldwide than those of African dissent so,
if you insisted on capitulating by retiring the Br’er Rabbit characters, WHY aren’t they being replaced with
a new display featuring Mulan rather than The Princess and the Frog??

Is Disney giving the same consideration to parents of small children worldwide who find Disney villains to be mean bullies who are
quite scary and bad role models for little Disney guests by getting rid of all Disney villains?
Are the Disney princesses next on the chopping block to accommodate body image diversity of millions of Disney guests worldwide who are
overweight and of average appearance or transgender who might find the svelt, beautiful princesses offensive?
What plans are in the works to replace the super popular show, Fantasmic, and Haunted Mansion attraction with something more inclusive
so the Christian Disney guests world wide who consider sorcerers, magic and ghosts demonic are not offended??
With which ethnic groups will Disney be replacing the German. Japanese and Italian components of It’s a Small World
for more inclusion to avoid any possible offense to Jewish Disney guests?
And what country will Disney will be replacing China with in Epcott’s World Showcase given the WORLD’S offense by China’s historic and current horrific human rights track record?
Where does it end in your quest to be politically/socially correct?! Your cherry picking changes indicate ONLY select lives, those that are politically and socially correct, matter to Disney.

Walt would be turning in his grave to see Disney’s CEO and Board move away from his family oriented vision and towards political/social activism.
Unless Disney stops catering to small vocal activist groups and pushing the political/social agenda of the CEO and Board, I will NOT “See ya’ real soon!”;
I, like millions of Disney fans, will find other places to spend my vacations and money.

A disillusioned FORMER Disney fan,
Susan Almgren

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