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Dear Sir

I just wanted to give you some feedback on my recent experience trying to purchase 50th Anniversary sea dweller 126600

I am average gent in terms of work status and income so I have been saving hard for many years to buy a Rolex, then the 126600 Sea dweller came out I fell in love. I finally managed to save $14.400, with great excitement I proceeded to Rolex here in Sydney in Martin place.

As a customer walking into a store, willing to spend $14,4000 on watch, the level of customer service was horrendous. My worst fears unfolded I was made to feel like they were doing me some sort or favour by speaking to me about the products they are trying to sell.

I understand the watches are in high demand but the arrogance and snobbery displayed by the sales people is wrong. I love Rolex, the quality the history of the brand but most of all the story and purpose behind the wtach. In my opinion these boutiques and sales people are what has given Rolex that snobby imagine which is not in line with the brands original values and purpose for the watches

The actual watch was not available and I could only choose it through a picture! It is a huge leap of faith to ask someone to commit to $14,400 based on a picture. The man serving looked at me like I was some idiot walking in expecting to try and buy the watch that day. He said my only option was to put my name down on a 5 year wait list. He said this won’t guarantee me a watch as he looked down on me, it was clear that I was no one and I will be at the very bottom of the list never to receive a call. So I left sadden and thoroughly disappointed. He made me feel like I wasted his time.

I don’t feel this is fair I should be able to make a deposit and be on a genuine queue that isn’t based on my connections and or status. Your stores should have each model for people to try on and view and order instead of this list that revolves around preferential treatment. Can you please assist me sir?

I also sent a copy of this letter to Bertrand Gros

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