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Hi Jean-Frederic,

I am a loyal Australian client of Rolex, and thought it best to put my thoughts in writing, and to reach out to you. My local authorised dealer is Langfords, and The Hour Glass, both dealers from whom I have purchased watches from without issue.

My local authorised dealers:



I have been waiting patiently for my watch, the 'pepsi' GMT, https://www.rolex.com/watches/gmt-master-ii/m126710blro-0001.html, since it was announced in March 2018 at Baselworld. I was abroad at the time, though emailed my authorised dealer (Langfords) and advised them to put me on the list. Upon returning to Australia, they advised I was on the list and all was well. They advised they could not provide an eta for delivery.

I have been in regular contact with Langfords, visiting the store every few months or so, with no update as yet, and they do not know if or when they will even receive stock. I find this quite frustrating, waiting 14 months without so much as an email or phone call. I find this to be deplorable customer service. I wish to remain a client of Rolex, however being treated with contempt when I enquire about the progress of my order I believe is out of step with the expectations of society in this day and age and may force me to reconsider my order.

I am requesting you to prove me wrong Jean-Frederic, and show me that Rolex values its clients. I am on both dealers databases, and have purchased from them both, feel free to check the facts of my story with the above mentioned dealers.

A result that I am requesting is to be able to purchase the above mentioned watch, or at the very least, an eta and an apology. I have no hesitation in taking my money elsewhere should this matter remain unresolved.

I appreciate your time,



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