@rossstore – Barbara Rentler – Dear Barbara, I was employed by Ross last year. To get straight to the facts

Denette Stice sent a message to Barbara Rentler that said:

Dear Barbara,

I was employed by Ross last year. To get straight to the facts I was let go due to LP said 1) I rang out my daughter: and that I gave her things. 2) I DID NOT DO THIS. YES I RANG HER OUT BECAUSE I WAS CALLED IN TO WORK DUE TO NO ONE WOULD COMEIN AND ONLY 1 SUP ON DUTY. Cassey Barnes was on duty and I called him and he told me go ahead because he could not leave fitting room. I have acquired and attorney and in doing so the days that LP said I let my daughter have free things is not true; She was not even in the store. This was shown on the video. the LP person said he wanted me to write down everything he told me. It was I might of slipped something or was distracted by my grandkids and I wrote this on the paper that if it did occur it was by accident and not intentionally. I told him I wanted to leave and to contact my attorney which he did not allow instead he said he was calling HR to see what they wanted to do;. He asked me if I was willing to pay ross 100,000 back. I looked at him like what. So now it is in the courts hands.
Recently I went to kohls which is right by Ross and the friend I was with went in there. Casey was supervisor Tamera FEM and someone at fitting room. I was at the register checking out and at that moment an officer approached me and asked my name. I told him, He said turn around you are under arrest for trespassing I said what. Casey than called LP on the phone and said no I was not trespassing.; this was humiliating and embarrassing. All of this was recorded by my friend. Tamera asked Casey if he could move it away from the register as there was llike 6 cops inside store. Than another one came in and said turn around you are under arrest. I said for what? he said stealing I said I was at the register. They said I was in the store before and was caught stealing. I WAS NOT. this would be on the 7th. than I go to jail get my ticket and it states I stole a brown tunic and something else value at 34.00. This has upset me so much.; I was approaching shoplifters in the store and was reprimanded about it to let them go. at the time also the police asked who my friend was and Casey said her accomplice..My friend said what and Casey goes no I'm wrong you're okay. Does all this sound professional to you, not to me either. I disagree with the way the LP handled me I am 56 years old and I know my rights. When the police came they said what do u want us to do with her and he said arrest her. They did not. The police told me to keep walking. At this time leaving JImmy the LP says Denette it will be okay you are a good worker and HR might want to keep you on. I turned around and said >>>>>>>>>shove it. So therefore, I am going to expose somethings to you 1) manager Brooke is an accident waiting to happen to get workman's comp from Ross. She is always stating she got hurt doing this and that. I have witnessed 2 incidents when employed. 2) Casey Barnes mom and sister enter Ross all the time. They are taking things as well as using product and putting back on shelf. His mom came in one time and used a hair brush and told me and Trish (SOD) and she thought that was funny. she also brought back under ware and even told not to. Tamera the front end manager allows fellow teammates to come into the store and steal big items. She also drinks a pint of vodka in the restroom or comes in drunk. When she first started I brought to the attention of ALL MGRS their response was "We need people" . I find the way I was treated needs to be addressed and I understand the importance of not stopping thieves that walk out with over 100 to 1000 at a time as a very close friend of mine was recently killed by one. It is no worth the life of another human being.
I was recently in a bad car accident that required oral facial surgery, my daughter just had her 4th child on Feb 14th and he just got out of NICU, now I am being approached by my one of my siblings to see if would be a bone marrow donor. I feel as if God has punished me enough of any wrong doing if any.
I would hope you read this and take all the scribble scrabble in thought. I KNOW FOR A FACT I AM NOT GUILTY OF GIVING MY DAUGHTER ANYTHING AS SHE WOULD NOT OF ACCEPTED EVEN IF I TRIED.

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