@rossstore – Barbara Rentler – Hello, I have been shopping at Ross stores in Tucson since the first one opened

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I have been shopping at Ross stores in Tucson since the first one opened here many years ago. I am from Tucson, and I raised my family here and have shopped at most of Ross stores in Tucson at one time or another, we are all university graduates. The Ross at 2980 N. Campbell is in great need of new management, and management that understands appropriate and inappropriate behavior in stores. Today, while shopping at this store my shopping was continually interrupted by the behavior of other customers yelling and speaking too loud into their phones. One woman kept blocking my ability to go down the isle as she spoke painfully loud in Arabic and showed no concern for others trying to shop. Next a woman did the same in Spanish and then another was loudly yelling into her phone in English while fighting about going to court. I had several things that I was planning to purchase but after this behavior gave me a headache I decided to leave without making a purchase. While on my way out I spoke to the security guard who was a young Mexican man and asked him if there were any rules regarding shoppers, and he said no this is a free country, people can do whatever they want. When I told him about the women yelling into their phones and how they disrupted my shopping and explained to him that shoppers want to relax while they shop and listen to the music, he laughed disrespectfully at me and thought I was being out-gracious to even think there was some type of etiquette rules that Ross had for shoppers, disturbing other shoppers. He told me that customers can do whatever they want in Ross. The last time that I was at this Ross I asked for the manager because I wanted to know what metals the earring hoops and bracelets that were not silver, or gold were made of. She seemed to think that her not knowing anything about the jewelry was acceptable. There was a bracelet made of plain beads with a gold colored clasp, and the card it was attached to said Sterling Silver, but it was evident that nothing on it was silver. This manager tried to tell me that it must be silver if the card says it is. I have noticed that this manager and all of the employees were Mexican and chatting in Spanish to each other. This store has fallen to such a low standard that it was more like shopping in some third world. As I left I listened to the one cashier yell loudly out orders to the customers who were standing in line, telling them what she wanted them to do for her. Jewelry is being sold that is not what the card says it is, and employees have no idea what is appropriate and inappropriate customer service. Also, your womens shoe depts. should provide a box of foot covers, like it use to. Recently I was at the Ross at the el con mall on Broadway and the shoe dept. reeked of a horrid odor of dirty feet. I also had to leave that store do to parents ignoring their babies and children as they screamed and cried again and again in the store. Today, I watched a woman stuff her unclean feet into several shoes and then throw them back onto the shoe rack. This is completely unacceptable and a health hazard. Please provide foot covering and instructions that tell customers they must use them and train your employees appropriately, to turn these stores back to how they use to be. I sincerely hope to see these stores improve they greatly need new employees who understand acceptable and unacceptable customer service. Also, someone needs to pay attention to managers who are only hiring one race of people. Really terrible experience and Ross did not use to be like this.Thank you

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