@rossstore – Barbara Rentler – i know you are a very smart hard working woman or you would not be

madeline young sent a message to Barbara Rentler that said:

i know you are a very smart hard working woman or you would not be where you are today, some one installed this hardwork and values...your parents...lol thats exactly what im trying to do with our children. my husband and I have 3 kids 12,10,6 the oldest 2 are girls and my son is 6 and my husband does hvac trying to open a business, well he brings peyton to work with him every once and a while so he can see that when you work hard you get money...i want the best for all my children and we try very hard to give them exactly what all the other kids in their school has. we are a normal blue collar family, we are the people who have given you job security and have helped you make your fortune....thats why im sad to write how disappointed ive been the last few times we have been to ross..like i said my son goes to work with his dad for money to buy a new toy well his dad paid him 20.00 alot of money for a lil guy...he ddnt wanna toy he wanted a flashlight for work(cute) so he picks out this cool hand flash light then gets home and opens it just to see someone had already stole it from the package...he was very disappointed, you should have seen his face, and im not sure what i was supposed to do of course as a mom im going to buy him another flashlight for work i just hate he had to learn how some people are..i knew if i took it bck to the store they wouldnt believe me, in fact some times i get followed around by loss prevention when i go into a new ross they look at me as im a thief and make it very uncomfortable sometimes..one time I was in there with my kids and they noticed the man following us (lost prevention)....and let me tell you i spend alot of my money there, i know its not alot compared to what you make but i spend easily over 200 a week.. and i can promise you that the 3 ross stores closest to my home knows us by name... i can put up with alot of things bad customer service, loss prevention following me around but i will not toleriate my children being hurt or disappointed...so as of today i will not spend another hard earned dime in your stores nor will i let my kids spend theirs,,i know im just a piss-on as far as people go but im part of the people who make your stores profitable..... if you dont believe how often i did shop at your stores i can provide documention. i just wanted to let you know how my son was dis-appointed when he opened the flash light he bought for work and it wasnt inside...btw you could not see the flashlight from the outside of the package bc of the way it was packaged..i can also show you that as well....im not sure if your corperation will try to make this right but as long as my children are dis appointed with yall i will no longer be your customer..if you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime my email address is madelineyoung85@yahoo.com thank you for your time

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