@rossstore – Barbara Rentler – P.O.Box 7487 SC CA 95061 Hello Barbara… I was not sure who to

Elizabeth Monroe sent a message to Barbara Rentler that said:

P.O.Box 7487 SC CA 95061 Hello Barbara... I was not sure who to contact about this matter! I did send a letter to my previous Mgr at Ross on River St. Santa Cruz just in case! I worked for Ross for 10 yrs! I recently retired, March of 2019. I just wanted to be sure my W2 for the time I worked, Jan to March 2019, was sent to my P.O.Box 7487, and not my old home address! I still need it for tax purposes, and this is the only address I still have in SC, and need it sent there, so it can get to me! Thankyou so much for your time and attention to this matter. E. Monroe #464074 ( I think, lol)

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