@rossstore – Barbara Rentler – Today my son and I went to your vista ca. store for his work shoes

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Today my son and I went to your vista ca. store for his work shoes and clothes that we buy at least once a month. We love the store because the prices and selection are great. Well our visit today was not good. we found a pair of mens black Levis shoes on rack with red clearance tag inside saying was 19.99 now 13.99. wow we were happy for a great deal. well after spending a good amount of money we went to check out. we noticed the cashier rang up the shoes at 19.99 .I showed her the clearance tag saying 13.99 but she proceeded to tell us that she is not giving us that price because they are 19.99. we went round and round for at least 5 mins about the clearance price etc. she was very rude and said how do I know you didn't put that sticker in shoes? Wow we were shocked. was she for real this is how she treats the customers. It was very frustrating and made me very angry. Well after finally about 8 mins I said the hell with it he needs them and so just give them to us anyway at 19.99. I was very upset because ross has always been known for great deals that's why we were happy to find that deal. Now after an anxiety attack sets in we just paid for our stuff and left. This was a very unpleasant experience and changed how we feel about shopping there. The employees need to be more aware of what they are pricing etc. I hope the store lets her go as no one should ever be treated like we were. Thanks for your time. here is the info on purchase and I have pics of shoes clearance tags and receipt ifr you need.
date-4/28/2018- receipt number-0021-08-5826-8118-3 Levis brand tennis shoes. sincerely pau;la Kubiak 180 walker way vista, California 92083

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