@Ryanair – Michael OLeary – Dear Mr. O?Leary, BOOKING: USP48C ? STANSTED TO NIMES, MAY 18TH, 2018 My husband and

Della Ryness-Hirsch sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Dear Mr. O’Leary,


My husband and I are long standing users and members of the Ryanair Airline and Club.

I recently was making booking to go to France for ourselves (Della Ryness-Hirsch and Dan Hirsch) plus our daughter-in-law (Olga Murphy) and our granddaughter (Neve Hirsch) for the half term holidays.

As one piece of checked luggage was required, and despite having used Ryanair continually for the past 14 years, we rarely take checked baggage as we have a home in France but it was needed this time. I evidently inadvertently clicked the wrong button (without realising this) as a package was offered for speedy boarding, priority etc – I did not see that it also included a piece of checked baggage EACH – we only have one between all of us – the price seemed enormous but I did not realise that it had registered 5 pieces of checked baggage – and I paid – a sum of £566.52 in total. I had spent ages trying to book and did not realise what had happened. I booked Olga and Neve back for the end of half term (we are staying on and will book when we know our return date) at a further cost of 413.81€ (not sure why it was shown in euros not pounds sterling) – Ref: FR8817 on 3 June, 2018.

When I realised my mistake, I got on line and discussed this with a (are they robots or real people?) via the chatline and they told me categorically whether it was a mistake or not, there would be no refunds. I am completely distressed at this. Everyone can make mistakes – my husband and I ran a very successful business for 30 years (we then retired and sold it) and we made it a point to refund monies (we designed furnishing textiles in India) if they got the product home and it looked wrong – because we understood that people often do make mistakes etc. This policy stood us in very good stead for the entire time – people felt safe to make purchases etc. without fear. My husband is American (we met in San Francisco in the 60s and this policy is available everywhere in the US).

The amount of money that it costs to bring our daughter-in-law and grandchild (our son died 6 years ago after being given NHS contaminated blood) out to France for half term is high but we willingly do it. We love them and obviously wish to care for them even more now this terrible thing has happened. What I don’t want is to be penalised for an honest and confused error and would be very grateful if you would refund the money and cancel all but one of the checked baggage on our flight.

With thanks,

Della Ryness-Hirsch

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