@Ryanair – Michael OLeary – Dear Mr O'Leary, Apologies for mailing this direct to you (or a member of your

Spencer Stark sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary,

Apologies for mailing this direct to you (or a member of your staff!) but I have a query which I know the answer to from your stock answers (FAQ) but wondered if you would consider making an exception as a businessman?

I booked a one-off holiday with my son who is just doing his GCSE's, only to discover (despite checking with him!) that my plonker son has his prom whilst away and is desperate to go. I looked into moving the flights and (as I am sure you are aware!) it is very prohibitive to move flights financially. It worked out much cheaper to book new flights rather than change the booking so I have.

I appreciate that it is company policy not to refund tickets except in death (he is coming very close!!!) however, it strikes me as crazy for there to be 2 empty seats going to and from Fuerteventura in peak season when you could easily resell them, and at a premium too!

I wonder whether you might consider selling them on to another client and then refunding me a fair percentage (say 50%) of what you resell it for? That way you keep the original money I spent and also half of the additional sale amount (which would probably be double what I paid as the flight is already full so you could charge a lot!).

I realise that the sums of money we are talking about are peanuts to both you and Ryanair, however it is a lot to me! I have had to spend it as the alternative was to lose 60% of my holiday booking overall and still have no holiday! I appreciate that this is the price one has to pay for making a stupid error but I feel re-selling the ticket and sharing the proceeds creates a win-win situation.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.


Spencer Stark

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