@Ryanair – Michael OLeary – Dear Mr. O'Leary, I would like to congratulate you on your employees or better soldiers

Werner W. sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Dear Mr. O'Leary,

I would like to congratulate you on your employees or better soldiers, you have really drilled them great, they all act in your interest and shit on law, justice and especially on their customers.

We had booked a return flight from Vienna to Barcelona (with Laudamotion) for 4 people for June 11 and 14, 2020 (it would have been the first time for my in-laws to fly away), which never took place (OC5F5U).

Despite timely registration with the portal or online and after more than a year of arguments and discussions with their people, where we were assured 4 times in writing that we would receive the amount in CASH (not a voucher, which we do not accept and do not have to accept by law), we received nothing.

In June, we then learned that we were nevertheless allegedly sent a voucher (or rather, a number) in December, which was only valid for half a year - exactly for this reason, we do not accept vouchers, because then the trouble starts all over again. Say, at our last request, the voucher had unfortunately expired, although it was issued in the 8-month lockdown and we actually would not have had the opportunity to use it at all.

So this is how you operate? Does a company like theirs need to act so fraudulently.
Unfortunately, it's all lies and fraud!

We also had a flight with Lufthansa, which never took place - from this airline, however, we got our money refunded in CASH without any problems.

Finally, it remains to say that their customers do not choose their airline because they are enthusiastic about it (rather the opposite) but because it is cheap - service, for example, is a disaster. The world is changing, at some point the argument "cheap" is no longer an argument, then the only argument for Ryanair falls away.

Apparently, you are goading your people not to hand over a cent that is once in the company, even if it takes on fraudulent features. Wow!
We really didn't expect something like this. Cheating customers out of their money is the last thing we should do. One thing is certain, from all of us, you will not receive a single cent more.
We will turn to honest airlines in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Werner W.

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