@Ryanair – Michael OLeary – Dear RyanAir, My name is Rene Lichtenecker and I am a 20 year old student

Rene Lichtenecker sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Dear RyanAir,

My name is Rene Lichtenecker and I am a 20 year old student who recently had a flight cancellation with you. I was supposed to be flying on the FR 1874 from STN to NCE on the 16th of June (Booking reference IZK43D), and was notified of the cancellation on the 14th of June, two days prior to my flight.

This was very upsetting, as I had not seen my family for 6 months and had planned this holiday early, and therefore booked my flight with RyanAir far in advance on the 14th of April. This cancellation also occcurred in the most inconvenient time, as I had my university exams and caused me a great deal of stress.

Upon reading the cancellation email, I tried to book onto a later flight for free but could not find anything suitable, as the earliest flight was a few days later and I would have a very short trip and no transport available from Nice airport.

I called customer service with the idea of booking another airline for a flight on the same day as my cancelled flight and found one with EasyJet. I explained my situation with RyanAir’s customer service and was guaranteed that if I booked this flight and filed a compensation claim, RyanAir would fully re-imburse me. The person I talked to also took my booking reference and name and said that they would write this in my notes/claim. They explained how to do this and my boyfriend called and spoke to someone else to ensure this was right, as he was on the same cancelled flight.

I was notified today that I would not be compensated, which is incredibly upsetting and distressing to see an airline offer so little support to their loyal customers after promising one thing and not following through. I was also incredibly stressed with organising another flight which was very last-minute to see my family. I thought that if I contacted and discussed this with customer service, I could trust customer service to give me good advice.

I am also a university student that works alongside my studies and this holiday was planned far in advance in order for it to be very economical. This incident has made it a very expensive and stressful holiday which I could not fully enjoy due to RyanAir’s disregard for its customers.

If RyanAir does not fully re-imburse the flight I took to see my family, I would feel compelled to share this story trough social media, including facebook, instagram, email, my university and highschool newsletter, and through friends and family sharing my post and story.

Thank you,
Rene Lichtenecker

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