@Ryanair – Michael OLeary – Good Afternoon Mr O'Leary I apologise for contacting you direct but there didn't seem to

Stephen MacDonald sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Good Afternoon Mr O'Leary
I apologise for contacting you direct but there didn't seem to be an alternative.
I travelled from Stansted to Edinburgh on a Ryanair flight on Monday 27th May.
On boarding a very busy plane I found my seat with equipment obviously for the safety briefing on my seat. Rather than standing blocking the aisle I placed the items on the floor at my feet as there were no available stewards to hand them to.
I could not believe the onslaught which was to follow. A Spanish stewardess approached me and began shouting at me demanding to know why I had sat down and why I was sitting on the equipment. I assured her that I was not sitting on anything and that the equipment was at my feet.
She retrieved the equipment but at first glance couldn't see the oxygen mask and shouted at me to stand up as I must be sitting on it. I stood up but could see the mask under the seat in front and retrieved it for her.
It was all very embarrassing as fellow passengers were turning to see what the commotion was. I don't know why the equipment was left on my seat, why she insisted on shouting and humiliating me and why she had to be so aggressive.
Shocked and disappointed I sent a complaint via Resolver and received a reply to the effect that this was not staff behaviour Ryanair would expect. No explanation as to why staff would behave like this or what steps would be taken to rectify the situation. Not even an apology.
I replied asking what steps would be taken to ensure this would not happen to me or fellow passengers in the future and was told this was confidential and they would explain no further.
This is a shoddy was to treat passengers and clearly did not matter a jot to the person answering my complaint. I felt as much of a nuisance for emailing my concerns as I did as a passenger on the plane.
As the CEO you will no doubt wish to be made aware of this incident and the complete lack of interest or aftercare.
I look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts and comments.
Kind regards,
Stephen MacDonald

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