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Hello Mr O'Leary,

In May I took a flight to Hamburg with my friends for a weekend. Unfortunately the day we were due to fly back to London Stansted, 27th May 2018, by bag was stolen from the hotel we were staying in. After discussing with the Police and obtaining a full Police report I was advised I would be able to fly as I had a photo pf my passport and my driving licence. On arrival to the airport I spoke with a Ryan Air employee, who when I explain the situation, with a smile said no sorry you cannot fly. After escalating this to management the decision was still that I could not fly as Ryan Air will only allow persons to fly with a valid passport. After an hour or so of discussing my options the female manager advised I would have to go to either Dusseldorf or Berlin to the consolette/embassy. I asked how I could get there with no money, as that too was stolen. She looked at me and laughed saying that's not my problem that's yours.

I then spoke with British Airways who stated that legally Ryan Air must contact the British Immigration Team for advise. After doing this and the case being escalated to the head of command they authorised my travel. At this point Ryan Air still refused to allow me on the flight and therefore I had to purchase a flight with British Airways that cost around £350. Shortly after this the original flight with Ryan Air was cancelled due to weather conditions.

I am trying to obtain a letter from yourselves stating you would not let me fly due to my lack of passport so I can process my claim with my insurance company LV.

I am extremely disappointed that I was left stranded in Hamburg with no assistance from your teams and quite frankly I was made to feel like it was all my fault and they were extremely rude throughout the whole process, which caused a great deal of unnecessary stress.

If you could please arrange for a letter or email to be sent to me stating you would not allow my travel it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Daniel Beaney
07793 440552

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