@Ryanair – Michael OLeary – To whom it may concern. My name is George and I was and still am

George Nestoros sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

To whom it may concern.
My name is George and I was and still am the creator of the name easy with the orange colour – same as EasyJet and affiliated easy companies—since 1993. And I can prove beyond any doubt that easy jet is flying with –stolen wings.

In an agreement made back in 2005 where they have tried to take the name from me - I consent not to question EasyJet trademark in exccahnge that … we both to work with the same name –me in Cyprus and them in the rest of Europe. but nowadays –easy group and EasyJet trying to bring the case to UK where I can not fight due to the expense.
I can forward all the details what went on so far – new court date December 4th 2018…UK High court appeal-
I received advise from a UK QC barrister to find a fund to get the case here in UK than in Cyprus and let the UK public and airline passengers find out the true story behind the name.. three Journalist from main UK Newspapers and five intellectual property Uk barristers suggested that chances Ryanair will be interested. It’s a fight too much for my capacity –and they know I can not fight them here in UK—so far I spent more than 70000 pounds and this is almost the end for me…

Easy group and easyjet committed plagiarism and they have used my idea- to set up easy jet and the other easy business.

Any thoughts if Michael will be interested .
Easy Rent a car Ltd.

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